Make your own private and secure space with top secret unbreakable messenger app

When you finish your chat it will be destroyed immediately

About security:

- Unbreakable Vernam cipher *(Mathematically proven. It is fact.)
We believe that every your message is part of your personal, inviolable world. The world in which there should be only those to whom you will allow. Vernam cipher will take care about that your correspondence was always only yours
- Protection from quantum computer *(Protection should be on maximum. Otherwise why is it even needed?)
- No RSA algorithm used *(Post-Quantum ready. Right now)

About privacy:

- Fully decentralized *(Why do you need someone else?)
Make a shared folder with your interlocutor in Dropbox or Onedrive and use it like a data transmission channel.
- No data store *(Shouldn't keep people's secrets)
- No user`s personal data required/collected *(Important and personal conversations prefer silence)
- No registration *(Because you can communicate without it!)
Just think of absolutely any nickname for the interlocutor. And if the phone falls into the wrong hands, then no one will know who your interlocutor is.

About comfort:

- No message history supported *(Why leave traces?)
When you press ''Back'' button on your phone your chat will be immediately destroyed. No one will ever be able to restore it.
- No spam *(Forget about it at all)
In your contact list are only people who you personally know.
- No ads *(Ads will never disturb you. Moreover, this is a vulnerability)

So, the quantum computer. What is the problem about which everyone is silent?

A huge number of protected systems, like many popular instant messengers, are working using the RSA algorithm. Quantum computer, work on which are successfully conducted by Google, IBM, Microsoft, D- Wave and others, will hack all these systems in the moment. Fact of the appearance of a quantum computer already makes all these protection levels meaningless. The most important that users will never know that they were hacked and they will trust their security and privacy to systems that have lost all meaning.
Almost all popular messengers use RSA-2048 to protect your messages. It was good in the past but now we can observe that there is no point in it. We want to remind you that Vernam IM doesn`t have RSA at all

Slide from the NIST presentation. April 11, 2018
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P.S. ''If you get something for free, remember: you are not a customer. You are a commodity'',- Eli Pariser. ''The Filter Bubble''. *(Be careful about that!)

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