Top Security and Anonymity

The Best-encrypted Messaging
App for IOS and Android
The best encrypted messenger
The Only Uncrackable Cipher
for Messaging Protection
Vernam IM uses the famous, century-old, uncrackable
Vernam Cipher to make all of your conversations fully secured.

This is the only cipher that has been scientifically proven to resist cracking (proven by Claude Shannon in 1949).

In cryptography, this is cipher № 1.
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Server-less Technology
Completely decentralized and independent.
Vernam IM uses Dropbox for message transmission.

Just create a free Dropbox account and start communicating easily
with complete safety.

In fact, Vernam IM does not have its own servers, so your information can never be stored for prying eyes to find.
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Protection Against Quantum Computing Threats
Vernam IM is the first encrypted instant messaging app
that allows you to communicate with complete security
in the coming Quantum Computing Era.

Even now, almost all modern secure messengers and systems have become completely useless.

For example, in 2025, anyone with a quantum computer will be able to hack all correspondence that took place in 2019.

That's why you can no longer trust in RSA-based
(or its modifications) messaging apps.
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Anonymous Chatting with no Registration,
History, or Stored Data.
We don't want to know anything about you.
We don't need your phone number, email address,
social network accounts, or other information.

We have no technical ability to store or collect the user's data. This is the best way to provide great security and privacy.

No data means nothing can be compromised, stolen, or sold.