For safety messaging you should observe the following recommendations:

- Prevent the device from reaching unintended parties. If the app will be in background mode, then an unauthorized person may be able to start talking with your subscribers

- Use a passphrase at the beginning of the conversation. In order to protect against unauthorized chatting by another person, such as in the case of a stolen device - use a password phrase. Invent and share a password phrase in advance with your partner. For example: - Hi, old chap - Hi, geezer. This way both of you will be sure that everything is okay.

- Exit the app after talking.
Devices are easy to lose or have stolen. If the app is running in background mode, then the new owner (thief) will be able to start talking with your subscribers on your behalf, especially if you do not use a password phrase. However, if you exit the app, then the thief will have to enter the Master Key.

- Use a Master Key of appropriate length.
A Master Key is the key that encrypts your key files. The minimum length of a Master Key is 1. Yes. You can use a single symbol as a Master Key. The main purpose of the Master Key is to make it impossible for the thief to start a conversation on your behalf.

- Use voice messages only if you are sure that there are no listening devices nearby.
It is very easy to place some small listening device in the room where you are talking. So use voice message very carefully.
- Transfer photos if you are sure that they are not synchronized with cloud services.
Many cloud services automatically copy all photos to cloud storage. So make sure that this is disabled before sending photos.